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Technology Meets Creativity (TMC) provides content to fit any need, but focuses specifically on computer and technology-related topics.

Victoria Nicks has spent over 20 years working with computers in various capacities, including technical support, installation, testing and maintenance. After 8 years in the United States Air Force, she moved on to the private sector. She has achieved several degrees, including a Master’s degree in Information Technology from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, CA. She is currently the Feature Writer on the topic of Artificial Intelligence for online magazine Suite101.

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Everyone has something to say, but what if no one knows what you’re talking about? Programmers, scientists and other tech-type geniuses (you know who you are) tend to talk way over the collective heads of their target audience. Few people realize that any topic can be interesting, if it is only presented in the right way. If you have something important to say, but you need help expressing it in regular jargon-free English, please contact TEC by using the form below for a personalized quote.

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